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Large Crystal Obelisk

Incorporating Obelisks into Your Decor

How obelisks provide both history and spiritual grace in a room

Obelisks evoke a sense of long-ago dynasties, from Ancient Greece to Egypt and the Roman Empire. These stately structures were often used to mark an entryway or to designate a special location. In today's home decor, a well-placed obelisk can designate a special spot within your very own space.

It's quite likely that you are familiar with the most well-known obelisk in the U.S: the Washington Monument, which is located on the National Mall in our nation's capital. The history of this stately architectural feature goes back many, many centuries before the construction of the Washington Monument, though. Ancient Egyptians often placed a pair of obelisks at the entrance to their temples. The early Romans revered these features even more than the Egyptians if you look at quantities; you'll find more than double the number of these architectural wonders in and around Rome as compared with the number in Egypt. Even France, Turkey, and the United Kingdom are home to many famous historic obelisks.

When it comes to home decor, one of the more inspiring adaptations that bring both beauty and a sense of spirit to the room is the use of crystal obelisks. Featuring simple yet graceful lines and the sparkling clarity of solid crystal, these decorative objects evoke a strong sense of architectural history while also incorporating the mystical qualities that crystal encompasses. In fact, many energy healers believe that clear crystal is capable of increasing healing energy as it draws out pain. In addition, crystal is noted for its ability to balance chaotic emotions and to improve self-esteem.

The clean lines and simple elegance that crystal obelisks embody means that they are the ideal artistic touch in many types of room. A larger piece of this nature can complement a more significant room such as a living room and serve as a focal point that naturally draws the eye. Smaller versions of the crystal obelisks could readily serve as a harmonious part of a grouped display, lending an exotic air to the scene and imparting the healing properties of crystal as well.

Some designers and many mystics recommend crystal obelisks as an accessory in the bedroom, where the natural properties of a crystal can work their magic during restful slumber. Opening your eyes in the morning and letting your gaze fall upon the pure beauty of an obelisk can get your day off to an excellent start as well.

No matter which room in your home you decide to use obelisks to evoke history, spirit, and grace, you and your family will enjoy the many benefits of these beautiful accessories.

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