Open Up Your Room with Horizontal Mirrors

Contemporary living room decor with paneled walls, fireplace mantel mirror and elegant lighting; living room design ideas; blue living room inspiration

The inclusion of mirrors in home decor has expanded dramatically from the traditional uses in bathrooms and as over-mantle mirrors. To be sure, these are still perfect locations for horizontal mirrors, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to using these decorative yet functional pieces to reflect your home’s beauty and style. You’ll often […]

Transforming Entryway with Entrance Pediments

pediments; Interior of the house with pediment

Your home may not be the Parthenon or another Ancient Greek temple, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t benefit from the classic look of entrance pediments. Easy to add to your home’s exterior, a pediment can make a huge impact on the overall look and welcoming feel of your home’s entryway. Entrance pediments have […]

Bedroom Lighting

Luxury bedroom design with elegant lighting fixtures; bedroom design inspiration; bedroom lighting ideas

Types of Bedroom Lighting Bedroom lighting requires the type of flexibility that is energizing in the morning and calming at night, with task lighting for reading or around the mirror. Recessed down lights mounted on the tray ceiling right above the bed, supplement a pair of table lamps for bedside reading, and indirect lighting on […]

Creating a Unique Home Decor

Contemporary living room decor, unique home decor inspiration; home decor ideas

When you are in a room that is filled with love, no matter what function it serves, you are uplifted by the harmony and spirit of place. By surrounding yourself with things you love, you will create a home decor for endless pleasure and felling of well-been A room is like clothing. It has to […]

Bedroom Closet

luxury closet

“Think of your bedroom closet as a secret treasure chest.” Remember, closets are small rooms, just as important as the rooms that are seen by guests. In Zen consciousness, small spaces are equal in significance to big spaces. What is seen and unseen are one. You experience your bedroom closet and storage every day, so […]

Mood Lighting

Mood Creating Aspects of Lighting Skillful application of lighting can, more than any other element in the architectural environment, affect the experience of the viewer. Light is an element of design which should be used not only for visual comfort but also to achieve predetermined emotional responses from the lighted environment.Mood lighting is a useful […]

Over-Mantel Mirrors

over-mantel mirrors

The first place we think of placing a mirror is over the fireplace. In the late 18th century the invention of over-mantel mirrors launched a significant trend in the decoration of private mansions in Europe. Fireplace mantels were lowered and large horizontal mirrors, often in elaborate gold frames, were mounted above them. The facts are […]

Psychological and Physiological Effects of Colors

color; interior design and decorating inspiration

Understanding Color The great 19th-century writer and critic John Ruskin said, “Color is the most sacred element in all visual things.” Designers agree that color is the most vital and expressive of the elements of design. Of all the forms of non-verbal communication, color is the most instantaneous method of revealing messages and meanings. Color […]

Architectural Wall Decor

interior with panel molding; interior design ideas; wall decor inspiration

Wall decor in your home should begin with you and your family and the ninety-five percent of your time spent without visitors. You build from there, wall by wall, room by room, bringing refinement and harmony through your use of architectural products. The goal in architecture and interior design is to achieve a structure where […]

Hours that Count


Blink and it’s over… That’s how people often feel about their lives. In today’s fast world, many of us find keeping the pace harder than ever. This is probably one of the reasons why beautiful clocks are making a comeback as an important design element among collectors and laymen alike. Clocks have an enduring place […]

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