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If you are interested in improving your home, or you are a design professional or contractor in the midst of a commercial project, you are probably thrilled to have found our website. At InvitingHome.com our goal is to serve you by offering hard to find, beautiful products at a great value; and to provide you with the guidance and expertise you need to make an informed decision before your purchase.


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At InvitingHome.com, we are proud to provide the designers, contractors, craftsman and artisans, and homeowners who have come to rely on our superior products and unsurpassed service. Our commercial account holders receive a special discount on products based on volume, and in combination with expedited shipping options, as well as on site delivery to every corner of the United States, it is truly worthwhile to make InvitingHome.com your first online shopping destination.

InvitingHome.com is different because it fills a niche in the home improvement market, but also because the design professionals employed there value unparalleled customer service. There is always an architectural specialist and interior designer on call and available for over the phone consultations. With a little pre-planning and a photo sent by email, clients can receive a customized consultation that will bring them closer to their dream decor. Our architectural specialists and design professionals are more than happy to assist clients in the processes of providing calculations, and customizing orders. We support our clients in their commercial endeavors by offering discounts based on volume, inventory management, and will even reserve stock for frequently purchased products. Whether you require overnight shipping, or a custom designed wood carving, we strive to meet and exceed the expectations of all our clients.

The InvitingHome.com website features our product offerings in a layout that is easy to navigate and a pleasure to explore. All of the products are beautifully showcased online, and crafted to the highest quality standards. Any client that is “in the market” is amazed at the wide selection offered on our website, and given the quality of the products, they practically sell themselves.

Choices and options abound on our website, giving you unparalleled freedom to create the look you desire. At InvitingHome.com, you will find that many of our products are available in several sizes, and constructed from several material options. You will be amazed at the wide variety of styles and motifs available; it is almost impossible to not find a product that will suit your taste and need.

The website was created to satisfy a dual purpose. First, we aim to make accessible exceptional products to the public, and secondly, we strive to educate the client about the products by providing information regarding such issues as the materials they are constructed from, installation tips, how to finish the product, and even educational articles meant to enlighten the client about certain products. You can literally glide through the website, receiving as much product information as possible and empowering the homeowner; allowing the client to make an informed decision before purchasing the product. This makes InvitingHome.com an online shopping attraction, and also a valuable resource to the homeowner, by providing a service through education. For example, the popularity of on our handcrafted carved wood corbels is certainly due to their high quality, but when our clients are also thoroughly informed on the characteristics of the wood varieties we offer, on how to finish them, on how to install them, as well as on how to determine the best corbel for their project, our clients enjoy a sense of comfort and security knowing they made the right choice.


The product offerings at InvitingHome.com have traditionally only been available through contractors, skilled artisans and craftsman who previously purchased the products directly from the manufacturer. By the time the homeowner sources them out, the products’ prices typically are inflated to a premium. The great thing about InvitingHome.com is that we deliver our products directly to the client at a reasonable price.

Clients are welcome to visit the showroom and browse through some of the many products always available on the website. The products showcased at the InvitingHome.com showroom include a wide variety of architectural details including moldings, corbels, wood carvings, ceiling domes and medallions, lighting products including chandeliers, fine mirrors, and gorgeous home furnishings. All of the products are designed with a common purpose in mind: to add the fine details to your home that will deliver the greatest visual impact through classic good looks.


Consultations are also available at the Davie office and you can schedule yours via phone, or stopping by the showroom during regular business hours. Before the consultation, the InvitingHome.com design professionals highly recommend that the client gather together all the necessary information needed for a highly productive consultation. The dimensions and calculations of the project in mind, preferred color palettes, and even magazine photos of designs and looks the client really likes are pieces of the puzzle that will result in a complete picture of the target project. Having a clear goal in mind is the first step taken to achieving the client’s ultimate design.

InvitingHome.com is a company devoted to making shopping for high end architectural products, furnishings, and lighting easy and accessible to homeowners. Whether visiting the Needham showroom or shopping from the comfort home; the goal at InvitingHome.com is to facilitate the client’s shopping experience and to enable the client by providing the tools necessary to make the experience as enjoyable as memorable.

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