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* all our stair brackets are available in flexible material. 

To purchase flexible stair brackets please call customer service at 781-249 0957

Planning your space for stair brackets installation

Be sure to specify LEFT or RIGHT stair brackets when you place your order. The image right shows how to determine "left" and "right" stair brackets. An easy reminder: right brackets point to the right and left brackets point to the left.

Before Installing Stair Brackets:

Due to the small size and intricate details of the stair brackets products, we recommend that you finish (paint or faux finish) the product before installation. After stair brackets installation touch-up any area as needed.

stair brackets - helpful info

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Classic Molding Insert
Classic Molding Corner III
Priscella Stair Brackets
Needham Crown Moulding
Classic I Panel Molding

Decorative Stair Brackets

Scrumptious and rich decorative stair brackets will transform an unadorned, plain staircase and stairway into a gorgeous elegant expression. Stair brackets (also called tread brackets) a fabulous way to embellish the threads on the open side of the staircase. Stair-brackets are found in all styles of historic homes. Stair brackets were very popular architectural accents in Georgian and late Colonial homes. Stair brackets are solely decorative architectural details that can be installed very easily, requiring a little glue and few small finishing nails to keep them in place.

In addition to upgrading essential parts of the staircase, you can enhance the appearance of its surface with a number of applied architectural features that can be added without altering the basic parts.

Molded in a deep relief design our polyurethane stair brackets are easily installed in any stairway application. Easily installed with adhesive, our stair brackets provide classic architectural detailing to any staircase design from sweeping grand rises to modern stair steps. Made from high-density furniture grade polyurethane, these stair brackets are exquisitely detailed from hand-crafted molds ensuring a quality product every time.

Our stair brackets are available in two convenient sizes with right and left orientation. All stair bracket can be made in flexible material. Flexible stair brackets are a perfect addition to a curved staircase and stairways.

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