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Acanthus Wood Baluster

small, medium, large
1.75 to 3.5″ wide
1.75 to 3.5″ deep
38″ height

your price: $100.50$209.84 BA1P-BA2P-BA3P
multiple sizes availablesmall, large, medium

Acanthus Wood Newel

medium, large
3.5 to 5.4″ wide
3.5 to 5.4″ deep
50 to 52″ height

your price: $260.31$551.71 NA1P-NA2P
multiple sizes availablelarge, medium

Grape Wood Baluster

medium, large
2.4 to 3.5″ width
2.4 to 3.5″ deep
38″ height

your price: $112.38$209.84 BG1P-BG2P
multiple sizes availablelarge, medium

Grape Wood Newel

medium, large
3.5 to 5.4″ wide
3.5 to 5.4″ deep
5o to 52″ height

your price: $266.82$556.58 NG1P-NG2P
multiple sizes availablelarge, medium

Newel Finial

3.25 to 4.75″ overall diameter
2.75 to 3.9″ bottom diameter
5 to 7″ height

your price: $76.41$151.69 F1LP
multiple sizes availablesmall, large

staircase parts - helpful info

luxury interior with beautiful staircase railing featuring carved wood newels and balusters carved with acanthus leaf design; staircase design ideas; staircase inspiration

What Are Newels?

The Newels and Balusters are the most important aesthetic part of the staircase. Newels are starting points in a sense - stately newels are usually set on the first or second step of the staircase, which is larger than all of the others. The right newels are a great note to start off a staircase with. 
The mood of the aesthetic of the overall staircase also comes from how the railing ends on the newel - is it curved around in some way? Does it curve up or down? Is the aesthetic straight? Maybe it widens at the end - the choice is up to you, and the newel will add a great platform to set the tone of the aesthetic. Newels are to be described as the capital letter at the beginning of the sentence, the thing that is going to bring all of the needed attention to your staircase.

What Exactly are Balusters?

The word "baluster" comes from the Italian word "balaustra" which means "pomegranate flower" due to the baluster having a very similar look to a half opened pomegranate flower. Balusters have also been compared to brass or silver candlesticks and referred to as upright furniture support. In staircases, balusters are meant to echo the design of the newels all the way through - resembling a game of telephone. The Newel sets the tone for the overall staircase, and the balusters carry the tone in the design (while a bit less elaborate than the newel designs) through the staircase.

Why are Newels So Important?

In the older homes, the newels of the staircase were the first thing you were to see when you come into the house - the newels were not only a hint to the style of the staircase but also a hint to the overall style of the house. Back in the day, newels were meant to show precisely what staircase carving was all about - it was the piece into which most of the hard work went into, and then it echoed through the designs that were found on the balusters. Carved newels were mostly used in the homes of more upper-crust, but after the industrial revolution, the newels and balusters became more available to the middle class.

What's The Big Deal with Balusters?

Staircases are a significant part of the house and make a very substantial impact on the overall look of the entrance as well as the overall plan of the house. That is the reason why choosing the perfect staircase parts is fundamental. Every part of the staircase has to be thought out - the width, the length, the shapes that are used regarding the balusters, the newels, and the railing. The most crucial aesthetic part, of course, are the balusters that follow the newel. It is very simple to choose from our collection of balusters.
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